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Change "I Know" to "I Care"

Posted by John Fuhrman on October 23, 2011 at 6:20 AM

When you think about all that goes in to creating a professional in the auto industry, what comes to mind? Usually things like, training, dedication, persistence, confidence and motivation come to mind. All of these are important and valuable components essential for any professional, but they can't be effective without the one element that ties it all together. You have to care. Smarter people than I have always said, "People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care."

Coming from a trainer who has a responsibility to provide the knowledge to new people entering the auto sales profession, this may sound a bit strange. But, it really makes perfect sense. Our "experienced people" in dealerships today are knowledgeable by training, but do they care? The answer is in the numbers and their attitude. Those consistenly scoring high sales with great CSI aren't doing it with pure knowledge. Their real value to the dealer is that they care about their job so they continue to train. More importantly, they value their customers so they continue to CARE!

Most of the time.

This week I was conducting a recruiting campaign in NJ. Many applicants contact us through our website or via email. Our program goes like this. We interview Monday and Tuesday and then train Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. I get an email on Monday from a "Pro" with many years of experience. However, he requested an interview but wanted a special one on Thursday. I replied that we will be trianing on that day, but I would be happy to speak with him on Monday or Tuesday. (If an experienced sales person is interviewed, we usually let the dealer hire them at no cost.) His email response blew me away.

It went something like this: "Let me tell you something! I have over 20 years retail experience. Instead of parading a bunch of new people in fornt of the dealer, why not give him someone with experience!"

I shared this with the dealer and he agreed that that type of attitude probably wouldn't fit in his store, but, if they were willing to come in on Monday or Tuesday, he would be happy to sit and talk with them and give them the benefit of the doubt. So, per my client's instruction, I emailed him back and told him that the dealer would love to speak with him but it would have to be during the times set on Monday and Tuesday.

The response came back in bold letters - "You get me that dealers name and email address and I'll contact him myself. You obviously have no clue about hiring!"

I shared this with the dealer and his answer is really what inspired this article. He said, I can't hire someone who doesn't care about my dealership, my customers, and even my hiring practice. That type of person can become a canser on a sales floor and I've invested too much to go through that here.

The funny thing is, if that person had simply come down and interviewed on Monday or Tuesday, he'd find that there was a real opportunity at this dealership. The future expansion means more opportunities and management possibilities. But since the prime objective was to push everyone around because he has 20 years of auto experience and dealers should accomodate him, I imagine he does a lot of traveling between jobs.

Dealers should always be looking for the best training and information available in today's competitive market. But, as long as they focus on having people who care about every aspect of their job and the customers they serve, staying on top of your market will remain simple.


John Fuhrman is the Senior National Trainer for Carolina Automotive Resource Services, a unit of The Dealer Resource Group. His ten books have reached 1.5 million readers and he has trained sales professionals around the world. Our Trainers are ready to work for you and develop a sales team you can be proud of. Email us by Wednesday and we're in your dealership on Monday ready to interview. When your dealership needs amazing results hiring new people, visit ATTENTION DEALERS: VISIT OUR WEB SITE AND REGISTER TO KEEP UP ON MONTHLY TRAINING SAVING SPECIALS. Our trainers are ready to show you our "WOW!" factor. (c)2011 by John Fuhrman - Permission to reprint this post in its entirety, including contact information, is hereby granted.

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