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  1. What can I expect from a typical campaign?

    While most campaigns are not really typical, the results are fairly consistant.  With our technoloogy team designing an ad specific to your needs and placing it among over 100 portals and job sites, interviews will happen.  Our trainers are experienced automotive sales experts who understand that training quality people is the key to having consistant results.  Regardless of how many people you need, our commitment is to provide you with quality people who will produce rather than just numbers for you to hire.

  2. How Long Is The Process?

    In most cases, we interview on Monday and Tuesday.  Those we feel meet the requirements are invited to the training program on Wed., Thurs., and Fri.  During the interview process, a representative from the dealership will interview any qualified applicant to make certain there is a good fit for the dealer. However, the dealer is never obligated to hire any or all of the class.

  3. Does the dealer have any input in this program?

    The dealer can add training content as well as work with us to design the most effective ad for the campaign.  In addition, the only candidates invited to training are those selected by the dealer.  We never use the hiring dealer to help staff other dealerships in the area.

  4. Can I do the interviews and training and the Dealer Resource Group Design and Place The Ads?

    Absolutely.  If you have the training capabilites inhouse, we can design an ad campaign that will give you maximum candidate return for your ad dollar.  We'll even provide tips on how to effectively interview and retain the best candidates.

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Social Media Made Simple

  1. Why should I engage training for social media?

    In an article for Used Car Dealer  Monthly, we analyzed 1,000 new and used car dealer web sites.  60% did not work properly.  30% were factory cookie cutter sites.  40% had emails that went nowhere.  And over 65% were outdated for staff and admin personnel.  What our program does is takes the power of social media and places it in the hands of the individual sales person.  We share how they can promote themselves as well as every piece of inventory you have in stock.

  2. How Does This Training Work?

    This is the only training we do on line.  You can enroll one or all of your sales team to be a part of the training.  We repeat the training several times to allow for scheduling.  It is a three session course that occurs both online and via telephone to allow for maximum convenience.

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eDirector Service

  1. What can an "eDirector" Program find out?

    Our studies have shown that nearly 60% of all dealer web sites have significant problems with regard to everything from links to contact to inventory.  Usually we find that the dealer has been convinced that just because they have a web presence, they are ready to do business on line.

  2. How Do You Determine What My Dealership Needs?

    Our experts really get into your web business.  First, we actually shop your web site from different sources.  We work online, via email and by phone.  In addition, we evaluate the impact your site has on the buying public.  From this cutting edge information gathering,you will receive a complete evaluation with solutions to choose from.

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