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You've hired new people.  Perhaps even trained them.  Now they are on the floor with the rest of your staff.  What happens now?  Should there be continuous training?

The reality is, there is always training going on.  The real question is, who controls it?  If you aren't providing continuous training on your showroom floor, then who is?  Your sales staff!  That's right.  You are turning the asylum over to the inmates.  If you are not investing in the improvement of your people, then they will train themselves.  When that happens, sales go in one direction - DOWN!  And turnover heads the other way - UP!

Now you can have your entire staff trained once every month by industry experts.  Technology provides the tools we need to work with your team via web based training.  And the best part, the topics are current because we ask salespeople what is going on in the market right now.  But the real benefit is, your people will participate because they get a chance to contribute.

You can train everyone on yoru entire staff for less than the cost of sending one person to a training session.  Best of all, it's continuous.  That means all of your new people can plug right in and join the training.  Whether they are experienced or new, everyone benefits.  And, we constantly remind every sales professional that it takes mastering the basics in order to be a top producer.

Total investment: $399 per month for an unlimited number of attendees.  Whether you have 1 or 100 sales people, this one low fee covers them all.

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